An offer has granular control of when a discount may be applied, such as a quantity ordered or a price level minimum, as well as control of the sale by use of a "promotional code" to apply a discount to a purchase. Offers can be used as rewards for frequent shoppers, marketing efforts, or focused merchant sale efforts.



From the offers page, you can see all of your offers, organized by type.

Create a New Offer

Create a New Offer

Select the offer type you would like to create and click the "New Offer" button.

Cloning Offers

If you run multiple promotions on your site that are similar in nature and you just need to change certain variables, you can quickly clone offers and make necessary changes. To do so, simply

  1. click on clone offer icon shown below

You will then be taken to the Offers Edit Page. The cloned offer will be disabled, have a new start and end date, and the name will be "Copy of " + original name. All the other settings will remain the same.

click on ok

Sorting Offers

Sorting Offers

Using your mouse, drag and drop the offers within a tab to have an offer take priority over another. This is important if you select the option that does not allow offers to be combined.

Offer Use

Offer Use
  1. Requires promotional code - When turned on, this option will require the user to enter a promotional code before the offer will take affect. Promotional codes can be entered on the cart page.
  2. Required promotion code - When the Requires Promotional Code option is turned on, the store admin will have to set the promotional code for the offer. The user will need to enter this promotional code at the cart page before the offer will take effect.
  3. Use type - The Use Type defines how often this code can be used. You can set this to: Per Store X times, Per Registered User (existing users) X times, Per Email Address; which will be based off of a user's email address or Per IP; which will be based off of the user's IP. (Leave all boxes blank for unlimited use).
  4. Mobile Visitors only - Restricts the use of the coupon to only users making a purchase on a mobile device.
  5. Block Combo - If selected, order may not be combined with others
  6. Disable on Purchase Orders - When checked, offer cannot be used on purchase orders.
  7. Disable on Quoted orders - If selected, order May not be used with quoted prices

Note: Any errors that are encountered in the storefront related to coupon usage are tied to the Offer Use section:

  • That coupon code has already been added.
  • The code does not appear to be valid.
  • This code has been used too many times.
  • Coupon code does not apply to this order. (Inactive coupon)

Buy One Get One

Buy One Get One (sometimes referred to as BOGO) discounts enable the customer to purchase a defined amount of products to receive a defined product(s) for free or at a discounted price.

The Buy One Get One free discount has two sections that set the criteria for the discount.

The first section is the "Products which have to be purchased". The second section is the "Products which will be discounted".

Products added to the "Product which have to be purchased" section will need to be added to the cart before the discount will take affect. The discount will then apply to the products added in the Products which will be discounted section.

Notice you can change the "Discount items by" field. Therefore you could set the discount amount to "100%" (free) or "50%" (half off). There is an endless amount of possibilities that could be implemented.

Free Promo Items

Promo Items work almost exactly like the BOGO offer, but the store will automatically add the free item to the shopping cart.This would eliminate the need for a shopper to have to find the other discounted item.

Order Total

The Order Total discount does not have any unique settings that differ from other discounts. Use the "If quantity ordered is >= # and the order total is >= #" to set the discount.

Order Total By Criteria

The Order Total By Criteria allows you to set exclusions when setting up offers. You can exclude certain products (Applicable Items) by using any one of the following preferences:

  1. Category
  2. Manufacturer
  3. SKU

Next you select the Conditions that need to be met before the offer can apply. These include:

  1. Order Total: Calculates the discount based on the total of products in your cart matching your Applicable Items.
  2. Matched Total: Calculates the discount based on the Applicable Items in your set up.
  3. Line Item Count: Calculates the discount based on the Applicable line items in your set up.

The criteria builder allows you to negate the selection by selecting the IS NOT? column.

NOTE: Although the name suggests that it is an order offer, it's technically a product offer because the discount is calculated at the individual product level and not the order total itself.

Product Discount

Product discounts are exactly the same as others however you can select what products you would like the discount to apply to.

Shipping Discount

The shipping discount allows you to discount a shipping method or all shipping methods for an order. Select the "shipping method" in which you would like the discount applied to or use the "All" option.

This discount could be used for a "free shipping" or "discounted shipping" promotion.

Free Shipping

This offer allows you to set free shipping for a specific product or group of products.