Sending a Quote to your Customer

Here is a video that walks you through the process of sending a quote to one of your customers:

Any time you or a customer starts an order, it becomes a shopping cart and can be accessed from the Shopping Carts menu. Any shopping cart can be sent to your customer as a quote.

To create a shopping cart, simply begin the process of Placing a New Order, but do not place the order - this will create a shopping cart. Once you've added SKU's to the cart, you can change the pricing of the line items (see below), and hit "Update Prices/Quantities" to see your changes. 

Once everything is priced accordingly, you can then send the quote. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, change the email template to "Request for Quote - Reply to Customer", and then hit "Send Email" (see below).

The system will send your quote template to the email specified. Our default quote template looks like this:

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed descriptions of the functionality or the features found in this section of the admin, please visit the following link(s):