Manufacturers and Vendors are users or companies assigned to products. When the assigned products are ordered, the Manufacturer/Vendor will receive a drop shipper notice. This notice will contain the order information so the Manufacturer/Vendor can process the order.

First Glance

First Glance
  1. This screen allows you to view the Manufacturers that are currently stored on your website. Existing users on the store can also be assigned to a Manufacturer/Vendor. These users will also receive a notification if an associated product is purchased. Products are associated with Manufacturers/Vendors when creating a new product or editing an existing product. Each product has a Manufacturer/Vendor drop down list. From the listing page, presented above, click the "New" button to create a new Manufacturer.
  2. Click to add new manufacturer
  3. Click to edit existing manufacturer

Add/Edit Manufacturer

When adding a new Manufacturer, the Name input is the only required field, but we recommend filling out as much information as you can.

On your storefront, Manufacturers can be automatically presented just like categories are.  The storefront will dynamically display all of the products that are available for the manufacturer being viewed.  The page to view all the manufacturers is  By default all of the manufacturers are presented alphabetically.

A "Featured" manufacturer will show the image inserted into the "Logo" image input.  Featured manufacturers are sorted alphabetically above all the other manufacturers.

The "E-mail Template" field allows you to specify what drop shipper notice you’d like the Manufacturer/Vendor to receive. New notices can be created under Configuration > Templates > Email Templates. Each Manufacturer/Vendor could potentially have a unique notice.

  • Description - The Description appears on the manufacturer specific page above the product listing.
  • Rewrite URL To - This input rewrites the URL for the product to the specified text. For example: A standard URL for this page may look like A store admin could rewrite this URL to by entering "/shirt.aspx" in the Rewrite URL field.
  • Meta Title - This is the title of your product and will display at the very top of the user's browser. This title will also be displayed in the search engine with normally a link to your page.
  • Meta Keywords - Enter keywords that describe your product, separated by a comma. Make sure these keywords are specific to the mentioned item, normally in the form of synonyms or words specific to each item. Keywords can be used by search engines to index your document.
  • Meta Description - Depending on the search engine, the Meta Description will normally be displayed along with the title of your page in an index. No more than 255 characters are supported therefore you want to keep this concise, compelling and to the point. Make sure this description makes sense as a reader may view this in the search engine before viewing your site. The description could determine if that user visits your site or moves on. Create sentences or even paragraph's to appropriately describe your product. Make sure the description reflects the contents in which it’s displayed. Some search engines will ignore sites with misleading content.
  • Display Template - Choose from the multiple template plug-ins for displaying your category/manufacturer. Each template has a different method for displaying your product on the store. Options include a Grid Layout, Detailed List, Simple List, Bulk Order List, etc. For more visit our eCommerce Display Templates page.