Reports Overview

7cart has many built-in reports to help you analyze and review the activity of your store.

There are dozens of reports you can view from within your Admin Panel.

Reports Menu

Reports are broken down in to categories to help you get to the reports you want:

  • Sales By
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Product
  • Catalog
  • Misc

Within those, are more drilled down options you can choose from, such as "By Date", "By Customer", "Salesperson", "Manufacturer", "Best Sellers" etc.

How to customize your report view

How to customize your report view

In this example, you're viewing: Sales By > Manufacturer.

1. From here, you can select the "window" of dates you want to look at, "today, this week, last week, last quarter etc".

Chose the time frame and click Apply from within the drop down window.

  1. click on Advantus to further drill down the report. On this screen you'll see more options to sort the information by, called Report Column Display Options (1) seen above.


  1. Clicking anywhere on that white bar will drop down the menu, seen above. From here you can check or uncheck the columns you want to be displayed in the report.
  2. Click Update Column Display to update the report.

Exporting the report to a spreadsheet

Exporting the report to a spreadsheet
  1. If you want to export the information you see on the page, click Export to Excel. This will generate a Excel Spreadsheet for you that you can save to your computer.

Ordered Line Items Report

Ordered Line Items

1. Select a Shipping Status - Filters visible reports by shipping status.

2. Exclude Canceled Items - Choose whether to exclude or show canceled line items on the report.