Customer Service Pages

This section lets you Edit/Delete the Customer Service Pages (Policies) on your site.

Editing your Customer Service Pages

Editing any of your Customer Service Pages is pretty easy, you'd just click the pencil next to the one you'd like to edit, and then click the pencil on the content block that you'd like to alter.

Adding New Content Blocks

Adding new Content Blocks to any of your customer service pages is pretty straight forward. You'd just go into the page you want to add a content block to, and then click "Add New Content Block". You can then put any info you'd like into that block.

Deleting a Content Block

To delete a content block within a Customer Service page, simply click the trashcan icon in the top right corner of that block.

Hiding a Customer Service Page

Hiding a Customer Service Page is as simple as checking a box. Just go into the page you want to hide, and check the "Hide [page name]" box.