Bing Shopping Feed

Data feeds are a convenient way to create multiple items in Bing Merchant Center. Feeds are assigned an item type, which classifies the feed according to what sort of items it contains. Once you've created your file, you'll upload it to Bing. After your file is processed, your items will be added to Bing.

Bing Shopping Feed Generator

Bing Shopping Feed Generator

Data feed File Name is the file name you want to use. The settings we suggest require it to be a .txt extension

Feed Location

Location: After your feed is finished generating, your data feed file will be placed in your store's "FILES/FEEDS" directory. Content and Files > File Manager

Attribute Requirement

For your convenience, by default, the generated feed will filter out products that do not have the necessary required attributes, according to Bing's Products Feed Specifications. This "filter" is to be considered a best attempt and is in no way a guarantee that the feed generated will pass Bing's requirements.

Select the "Ignore Attribute Requirements" option prior to generating the feed to disable our "filter" that removes the products that do not have the attributes you need to provide in order for your products to be listed in Bing Product Search.

Important: Regardless of your selections, this feed only selects products that are available for purchase (ignoring products that are not active or out of stock with the proper inventory settings.

For Specific guidelines, please refer to Bing's documentation: Bing Ads

Columns in the Bing Shopping Feed

Below is a list of all the columns that can be output with the Feed and where the data comes from in 7cart.

Non-Standard Values

Any values that are not "standard" should be imported using product type properties. For example: "<producttypeproperty name="BingCategory" />"

You can also import this using the following column header: <producttypeproperty name="BingCategory" />

Non-Standard Values

Excluding products from feed

Products can be EXCLUDED from the feed by using the Product Type Property "excludefrombingfeed=y"

Excluding products from feed

Additional Feed Information

You can obtain additional information about the Bing Feed columns by visiting the following link: Preparing your product feed for Product Ads.