These are  third-party plug and play systems that are integrated with our 7cart platform.

Conversion Tracking and Analytics Settings

Conversion Tracking and Analytics Settings

Logicblock is integrated with Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, GTAG, Remarketing and more...

All you would need to do to activate any of these features is to enter your credentials provided to you by the different organizations. The information is then dynamically generated. Markup - When enabled, puts microdata on your product detail and blog post pages to help search engines retrieve up-to-date information directly from your website. 

Use Custom Tracking  - If checked, activates custom Tracking

Custom Tracking Code: Custom Tracking Code shows on all pages.

Custom Conversion Tracking Code: Custom Conversion Tracking Code is only on the receipt page.

T-HUB Service Configuration for Quickbooks

T-HUB Service Configuration

From the T-HUB configuration page in your 7cart ecommerce admin panel you can enable the T-HUB integration.

1. Select Enabled

2. Enter a User Name

3. Enter a Password

4. Make Note of your Web Service URL

5. Click "Save" button

These will be the credentials to use when setting up T-HUB.


Tax Integrations

Avalara Tax Setup

Avalara Tax Setup

Avalara is a third-party tax software that provides cloud based end-to-end sales tax compliance capabilities.

This page is where you would come and enter your credentials provided by Avalara.

For more information on Avalara, Click Here.

Tax Cloud

Setting Up TaxCloud

To access the Tax Cloud configuration page, go to: Config > Plug-Ins > Tax Integrations > Tax Cloud

Enable Tax Cloud - This option will enable Tax Cloud on your site.

API ID - This is a unique ID that will be generated for your account by Tax Cloud. You can obtain it by visiting:

API Key - This is a unique Key that will be generated for your account by Tax Cloud. You can obtain it by visiting:

Enable Debug Mode - This option just allows our system to track any errors should they occur.

Commit  Old Taxes - Select a reporting start date - This is for people who change the commit mode (On payment, On Place , On shipping complete , Never) to handle orders in process

Commit Mode: - This allows you to choose when you want order taxes to be sent over to Tax Cloud: When payment is made, when an order is placed or when an order is shipped.

Tax Cloud is a free, easy-to-use, 3rd party, plug-and-play sales tax management service that will populate your site with tax rates and even provide some reporting for tax-purposes.