Shopping Carts

This is where you can locate all the current shopping carts that are on your site. Go to: Orders and Shipping > Shopping Carts

  1. This option allows you to sort by specific dates.
  2. Search for a shopping cart using a keyword.
  3. Filters only Quoted carts if checked.
  4. Export the listing of shopping carts to excel.
  5. Every cart will have a unique ID number.
  6. Sometimes orders fail later in the workflow process which may cause them to get an Order # but are not placed nor do they show up in the Order Manager.
  7. The "Sold To" and "User Email" options will capture a user's information if they are logged in.
  8. To "edit" the shopping cart (adding/removing items/placing the order for the customer) simply click on the edit (pencil) icon.

Deleting Shopping Carts

Deleting Shopping Carts

To modify the frequency of when shopping carts are deleted on your site you will need to go to the Order Settings Page: Config > Order Settings >Order Settings.

Please Note: Shopping Carts can also be located under: Reports > Orders > Shopping Carts.

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):