In Internet marketing, an affiliate is a person or company which sends visitors to a website in exchange for commissions.

The 7cart ecommerce solution allows for a simple tracking method for your affiliates. Your affiliate will visit your website by going to a specified URL ( The Affiliate Referral ID, is dynamically generated from the information you provide for an affiliate.

First Glance

First Glance
  1. To create a new Affiliate, click the "New" button on the affiliate list page.
  2. Click to delete affiliate
  3. Click to edit affiliate

Add/Edit and Affiliate

Add/Edit and Affiliate

The Edit Affiliate page contains the following inputs:

  1. Name - This is the internal name for the affiliate.
  2. Email - Affiliate's email address.
  3. Referral ID - This generates the id the affiliate will use to point their visitors to your storefront.
  4. Sample URL - This is the link your Affiliate will use to refer their visitors. Note, this is generated after the initial save. If you update the Referral ID, this link will change.
  5. Commission - This is for internal calculation. Our system does not handle paying your affiliates in any way.
  6. Referral Days - The number of days the referred visitor will stay linked to the affiliate. Our system places a harmless cookie on the visitors computer, so when they visit the site again (within the time-range specified here) they are still tied to the affiliate.
  7. Tax ID - Internal record for your use.
  8. Web Site URL - Internal record for your use.
  9. Landing Page - This is the page users are brought to when they use your referral link.  For example: if you enter /myaccount/ here, users who use the referral link will be taken to their account page upon login.
  10. Price Rule - Select a price rule to apply to the affiliate.
  11. Image Logo URL - This inserts the logo of the affiliate.
  12. Driver's License - Internal record for your use.
  13. Use Affiliate Branding - Allows the affiliate site to have a different look (logo, site colors).
  14. Notes - Internal record for your use.

Affiliate Settings are configured on the page under Configuration > User and Form Settings > Affiliate Settings.

Affiliate Content Blocks

You can use content blocks to further tailor your affiliate experience.

Under the publish settings of any content bock, you can set the visibility to an affiliate, allowing the content to only be seen by that affiliate.