Address Books

Address books are an easy way for your customers to keep track of multiple billing and shipping addresses.

Customer Facing Address Book

For your customer to access their address book, all they need to do is click on "My Account" and then go to "Address Book" using the left side menu.

To add a new address to the address book, click "Add New Address"

Enter the address information here:

Once you click save, the address will be added to the address book. You can then edit it or set it to defaults by click any one of these buttons:

Admin Facing Address Book

You can also access the address book for any given user using the Admin side of the website. To access this, simply go to People>Users and then to any given user that you'd like to see the address book for. Do not click the Edit button.

The Address Book is located at the bottom of the page, and you can easily make any edits you'd like.

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