Creating and Assigning Price Rules

In this article, we will cover how to create price rules, assign them, and how to impersonate a user to ensure that they are working.

Creating a Contract List Rule

A Contract List Rule can be used to price out individual SKUs. Creating a contract list rule is straight forward. Below is a video that demonstrates creating one, with an explanation below.

For detailed information on the information and pages displayed in the videos in this article, please click here: Price Rules

As displayed in the video, you'd first want to go "Price Rules" under "People" and click "Create New" and underneath the drop-down menu, click "Contract List Rule".

On the following page, you'll want to first give the rule a name, and then add any SKUs that you want to price to the rule, using the "+ Add New Record" button. Once you have the SKU in the empty box and you've given it a price and optionally give a minimum quantity to activate that price, click the checkbox. This will add the SKU to the Rule.

If you have many SKUs you'd like to add at once, you can do so using a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet only needs two columns: SKU and Siteprice. Below is an example. Please note that MinimumQuantity is an optional field.

Below is a video that walks you through how to import a spreadsheet into your Contract List Rule.

Creating a Criteria Rule

Criteria Rules can be used to price out larger amounts of items, such as your entire catalog or an individual manufacturer, brand or wholesaler. Creating a Criteria Rule is very similar to creating a Contract List Rule. Below is a video that demonstrates the process for a simple criteria rule:

The Criteria Rule here is simple, the selling price of any product in your catalog will be marked 10% above cost.


Here is an example of a more complex Criteria Rule:

In this price rule, we created a 35% discount off List Price for all items in the categories of Food Service and Office Supplies. You can use Criteria Rules to create markups or discounts on any set of Categories, Manufacturers, Vendors and even Keyword Search Results.

Creating a Price Rule Set

Price Rule Sets can be used to combine multiple Price Rules into one rule using intelligence. Below is a video that demonstrates creating one.

Here, we combined 3 Price Rules into one. The Price Rule Set operation dictates what the added Price Rule does in conjunction with the one above it.

The operations are simple:

  • Replace - replaces the SKUs in common with the previous rule with the new price
  • Minimum - takes the lesser of the two values of the SKUs in common with the previous rule
  • Maximum - takes the greater of the two values of the SKUs in common with the previous rule
  • Add - adds together the prices of the SKUs in common with the previous rule

Assigning a Price Rule

Once your price rule is created, assigning it to a user is very straightforward.

Simply go to the User you'd like to assign it to, and click "Edit User". Scroll down to the Price Rule box and assign the Price Rule you'd like to have on this user.

Don't forget to click Save!

Impersonating a User

Once you have assigned the Price Rule to the proper user, you may want to impersonate that user to check and make sure that everything is working properly. Below is a video demonstration:

When you are on the User Details page, click "Impersonate" at the top right. From there you can search for the SKU and you should see the new price.