3rd Party Tax Providers

The following are the third party tax providers that we are integrated with. We highly encourage you to explore these two options as they provide a vast array of mechanisms that relate to taxes.

Note: Make sure that you have your store address information filled in first under: Config > General > General Store Information

Avalara Tax Setup

Avalara provides our mutual clients with sales tax automation software, helping businesses manage the complex rules and regulations related to transactional and indirect taxes. Contact Avalara by emailing [email protected], their sales team looks after LogicBlock 7Cart customers, or calling (206) 826-4900 and asking for sales.

Avalara Tax Rates

Avalara Tax Rates are free downloadable rates table for basic sales tax calculations. Go here to download a basic zip code based rates table for your state: http://www.taxrates.com/download-tax-tables/


TaxJar automates sales tax calculation, reporting and filing for your store.


Supporting Documentation:

Below are some links to documentation that contain more information on how to configure your taxes.