Amazon Order Import/Export

You can now take your orders from your Amazon Store and import them in to your 7cart site. This will streamline your order process and keep everything under one roof.

  1. You’ll first want to do an export of your orders from your Amazon store. This should be a flat .txt file they provide.
  2. With your export file from Amazon, you’ll go to your 7cart site and go to Orders and Shipping > Amazon Order Importer  (see Import Orders Screen Shot)
  3. Import your .txt file you have from Amazon here. This will generate the orders into your site.
  4. Next you’ll want to process these Amazon orders the way you normally would process orders. Transmit/Submit them to your vendor like normal.
  5. You will then wait until you receive the shipping and tracking information back from the vendor; typically you have to wait until the next morning, but that varies from vendor to vendor.
  6. Once you have both transmitted the orders and received the tracking numbers for those orders go back to Orders and Shipping > Amazon Order Importer  (See Export Orders Screen Shot)
  7. Towards the bottom of this page will be the Export Orders box. Clarify the “date window” in which these Amazon orders were processed on your 7cart site, and hit “Export Orders”
  8. With the file generated, you’ll go back to your Amazon store and import this file.

Import Orders Screen Shot

  1. Use Amazon Importer User Billing Address: Uses the billing address that was entered in Amazon billing.
  2. Use Current Date as Time Of Order: Puts the orders at the top of the Order Manager (because they have a newer date than the other orders).
  3. Reserve Inventory: Removes the inventory from stock; as if you ordered from storefront.
  4. Default Order Total: Sets an order total greater than 0 so it doesn't look like the order has already been paid. Often times, the orders will come in without any price information.
Import Orders Screen Shot

Export Orders Screen Shot

Export Orders Screen Shot