Item 411: Dynamic Pricing

Item 411 will enable you to show current market pricing from an unprecedented selection of competitors directly on your 7cart storefront. When subscribed, you are able to use that information to price your products dynamically.

How it works

If you've looked a product page, you've probably seen this box: 

This display is part of Item 411 (a third party service), and is included in all of our packages. It will automatically compare your prices against your big box competitors (of your choosing), and display the ones that you are beating in price. Your customers can see exactly how much they are saving when they shop with you right there on the product page! This comes at no extra cost to you.

In addition to this display, you can choose to sign up with their service (plans starting at $65/m). With this subscription, you are able to use their data to price your products dynamically.

Use cases

Here's a scenario: for any item that you have in common with Amazon, you want to beat their price by 1%, but stay above a margin of 25% above cost. If you are subscribed to their third party services, Item 411 has the ability to manage that for you without you having to touch a button. These prices will fluctuate with the market, dynamically.

The capability to follow current market pricing from the real price setters, the chains, and practically in real time, has never been more critical than in today’s volatile markets.

The value is immense and the service ends up paying for itself in most situations.


Video Introduction

Please watch this video for a short demonstration:

Configuring this feature

This feature is enabled by default. While this is not necessary, you may configure which competitors are shown in the admin by navigating to: Config > Plug-Ins > Item 411: Product Price Comparison. You may also disable the feature from this menu.

Enable will be checked by default.

Enabling this feature

If you'd like to change any of the settings, you can then click on Edit and select the supplier(s) that you want to be displayed on the storefront.

You can also change the name of the supplier while you are here. Click on update to apply your changes.