eQuip Configuration

eQuip Order Retrieval from Logicblock

In order to move from the standard order retrieval method within eQuip where only orders with the order status of “In Process” are returned, regardless of the shipping status or paid status, to the more sophisticated GetOrdersReadyForThirdParty method where orders are returned according to the order/ship status set up on Logicblock, please follow these instructions.

Log into your Logicblock admin portal and go to: Config > Plug-Ins > Quickbooks Integrations > eQuip for Quickbooks.

The following page will open:

1. Max Number of Orders to Sync - Set the max number of orders to sync at once

2. Recent Orders Only - Only pulls orders from the last 30 days

3. Exclude Orders with Backend Order IDs - Excludes orders with backend order IDs from syncing

Underneath the top section, you can select the order status and/or the shipping status for the orders you want to retrieve within eQuip.

Several scenarios present themselves as to the type of order you want eQuip to return.

For the dealer who places their orders to the wholesaler on Logicblock’s side, some possible scenarios include:

  • Order status of “Complete” – no other selections. Using these settings would mean that eQuip would only get those orders that have been fully completed on Logicblock’s end (items have been shipped and any payments have been made).
  • Order status of “In Process” and Shipping status of “PartiallyShipped” and “FullyShipped”. Using these settings would mean that eQuip would get those orders that are still in process but have either been fully shipped or partially shipped.

For the dealer who uses eQuip to place their orders to the wholesaler, it will probably be best to only select the “In Process” order status.